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Announcement on ACD coin swap

As we have already informed you through news release, ACD coin will be changed into BCH platform. This change will enable customers to make use of Bitcoin.com wallet and advance its step for settling the payment at real shops. As for the shops where customers can use Bitcoin.com wallet, we will inform you occasionally at…

Announcement on finalizing drawings of the first TOB and informing soundings on the additional TOB.

We hereby officially inform that the drawings of TOB commenced since February 7 have been finalized. As we have sent the emails to those who were selected by drawings, those who did not receive the email from us as of today were unfortunately not selected by drawings. Your kind understanding on this matter would be…

TOB Lottery Results are In.

We released the list of winners of TOB. There are the 70 winners people, the tender offer of 1,924,346ACD will be carried out soon. We will only Email successful candidates.

We have stopped accepting applications of TOB.

The applications of TOB expired last Sunday. Application Details. Total application : 171 Amount of ACD coin :25,363,265 (Target amount is 1,925,285 ACD) magnification : 13.17 You will only receive an email if you have been successfully chosen for application of TOB with the following procedure.

We have determined to accept friendly TOB on ACD COIN

ACD Corp (head office: Koto Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda), which is invested by ANA Holdings ANA, leant from Korean corporate, ASIAN CONSULTING GROUP (head office: Seoul, Korea, Representative Director: Mr. Kim Tae Woo), with whom we are planning to have business tie-up as local marketing partner in Korea in the areas of…

ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com will make a joint announcement regarding ACD coin short term roadmap. Along with the announcement, Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver expressed that he will hold ACD coin in the future as payment and to provide full support. ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com also agreed to use ACD coin and Bitcoin Cash for various settlement between 2 companies.

ACD Inc. (funded by ANA Holdings) CEO Yasuhiro Sonoda and Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver has signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on January 19, 2019 regarding comprehensive strategy to increase ACD coin value issued by ACD Inc., upon switching ACD coin to Bitcoin Cash based platform. This agreement aims on supporting ACD’s activity regarding ACD coin…