Impact of Novel Coronavirus on ACD Coin Project

Novel Coronavirus called COVID-19, identified by World Health Organization (“WHO”) as pandemic in March 2020 has brought huge change to world economy and has led to a decrease in economic activity. Under such pandemic situation, Japanese government authorities have implemented many countermeasures such as prohibiting or restricting travel, quarantining, furloughing in indoor or at home in order to seal off virus. Other than such countermeasures in Japan, affected by various countermeasures implemented by local authorities of each province in China which is deeply involved in this project, some delay has occurred in release schedule relating to the area of settlement alliance and system development. However, ACD Coin Project implemented deconcentration and control transfer of business operating body at the time of March 2020 when COVID-19 pandemic got into full swing and took action in order not to have impact on development sector for promoting the project. In consequence, although the current project faces lengthy delays vis-à-vis initial schedule, we believe that it is moving in a steady manner. For that reason, with business operating body of new ACD Coin Project based on the current situation, although the development corroboration has been already completed, we are scheduled to disclose the update status starting from next month under the special website described below regarding progress status of the project such as unprecedented development area which will be completely newly commenced. In line with the change in the structure of project, we hereby ask you to note that the inquiry contact with regard to the press release on ACD Project in the future will be integrated with special website and management office described below in conjunction with this announcement.  

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