Announcement on ACD coin swap

As we have already informed you through news release, ACD coin will be changed into BCH platform. This change will enable customers to make use of Bitcoin.com wallet and advance its step for settling the payment at real shops.
As for the shops where customers can use Bitcoin.com wallet, we will inform you occasionally at specially arranged website. Please kindly continue to check the website.

As 3 kinds of tokens with the name of ACD exist, we will name them as follows:
・ACD coin: collective name including all 3 kinds of coins described below.
① Old ACD: ACD tokens sold through presale.
② New ACD:ACD tokens exchanged at the first swap.
③ ACD(BCH): ACD token for BCH platform which will be exchanged by the captioned swap.

In line with the change to BCH platform, the swap of ACD coins shall be implemented again. The procedure for swap is stipulated as follows:

1. Those who hold New ACD within Coinsuper.
It will be automatically exchanged within Coinsuper.
Starting from 12 pm on March 12, withdrawal and deposit of ACD coin cannot be executed within Coinsuper. In addition, New ACD cannot be transferred after completing swap within Coinsuper.
※If you transfer your New ACD coins to Coinsuper after completing swap, such transfer shall not be reflected on Wallet and we cannot deal with returning such coins. Please bear this issue in mind.
Please refer to the Coinsuper website in addition with regard to the detailed schedule.

2. Those who hold new ACD in MyEtherWallet.
Please arrange Wallet for BCH platform. We will transfer ACD(BCH) to the Wallet.

With regard to how to set up Wallet, please refer to the manual below.

Once you complete setting up the Wallet, please input your information by using the form below.

Please transfer New ACD which you hold to the following address. Once we confirm the return of New ACD, we will distribute ACD(BCH).

For those who still hold Old ACD, it is required to take another procedure. Therefore, please contact us through the following email.

We have to implement the swap again and it will cause inconvenience to coin holders. However, we believe that this is necessary update to improve our ACD coin for the future. Your kind understanding and support on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Cryptosquare CO., LTD
New Shinbashi Bldg. 704-B, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Announcement on finalizing drawings of the first TOB and informing soundings on the additional TOB.

We hereby officially inform that the drawings of TOB commenced since February 7 have been finalized.

As we have sent the emails to those who were selected by drawings, those who did not receive the email from us as of today were unfortunately not selected by drawings. Your kind understanding on this matter would be highly appreciated.

We hereby inform you that we have sounding on the additional TOB by ACG Corp. Taking the business synergy between ACG Corp. and us into consideration, we are considering to accept such additional TOB proactively.

In case if the additional TOB is carried out, we will inform you the details on conditions of TOB on this web site. Therefore, we would like to ask you to continue to look at this web page.

TOB Lottery Results are In.

We released the list of winners of TOB.
There are the 70 winners people, the tender offer of 1,924,346ACD will be carried out soon.

We will only Email successful candidates.

We have stopped accepting applications of TOB.

The applications of TOB expired last Sunday.

Application Details.
Total application : 171
Amount of ACD coin :25,363,265 (Target amount is 1,925,285 ACD)
magnification : 13.17

You will only receive an email if you have been successfully chosen for application of TOB with the following procedure.

The announcement of develops settlement linkage function of ACD coin launch with [ANA CARGO DIRECT]

Border transgression EC platform [ANA CARGO DIRECT] has expanded (except in mainland China) as the core business of ACD and Corp. ACD started cooperative settlement developments in order to adequately utilise ACD coin as one of the main methods of payment.

ACD coin is cooperating with BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and by implementing BCH’s module of settlement, we could not only do online payment in [ANA CAGO DIRECT] platform but we could also manage to process cooperative settlement among many affiliating companies for the purpose of implementation toward inbound for offline stores.

We are considering to sequentially commence a sequential cooperative settlement from the begging of 2019. This can be considered to be a cheap, fast and reliable new payment method for both online and offline customers in order to create transaction on a global scale in the future.

Thus, our company has an advantage in this border transgression EC platform compared with our competitors by providing revolutionary method of payment.

[About ACD Corp., Ltd.]
Head office :
Level 7, OCS Tokyo skygate, 27-9-3 Tatsumi, Koto ward, Tokyo 135-8527
1st March 2016
Representative director:
Yasuhiro Sonoda

[Contact Us]
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
A person in charge of ICO Operations department: Morimoto
TEL: 03-5657-1505