ACD INC. has concluded 5-year exclusive contract with Couture Digital Co. , operating smartphone application “COUTURE” enabling everyone to design and manufacture clothes in the area of cross-border-e-commerce international shipping.

ACD INC. (hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) has concluded 5-year exclusive contact with Couture Digital Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo Ward, Osaka City; Mr. Shuji Morita, Representative Director), which operates 3D CAD technology enabling everybody to design and manufacture clothes, in the field of B to C international shipping in all overseas areas excluding Japan.

“COUTURE” offered by Couture Digital Co. is smartphone application which enables users to place orders with their favorite design and size over made-in-Japan clothes in 3 dimensions with ease. Anticipating that the demand of “order-made apparel” in cross-border-e-commerce will increase, ACD believes to make further use of our know-how of cross-border-e-commerce platform C and international shipping infrastructure owned by ACD by concluding exclusive contract with Couture Digital Co. in the area of international shipping.

Through such effort and trail, we will provide the framework to enable overseas customers to place order with their favorite design and size on made-in-Japan clothes in 3 dimensions with ease by making used of technology of “COUTURE” and such clothes order by them shall be delivered to consumers all over the world through ACD’s ANA CARGO DIRECT.

【Profile of Couture Digital Co.,Ltd.】
Company Name: Couture Digital Co.,Ltd.
Location: Sankyo Sakaisuji Honmachi Bldg., 9th Floor, Bakuro-machi 1-8-2, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative: Mr. Shuji Morita, Representative Director & CEO
・Development and sales computer-related software and hardware
・Design on clothes including computer graphics and its consulting
・Information processing service and information providing service
・Planning and advertising works relating to sales of clothing goods

【Profile of ACD INC.】
Head Office OCS Tokyo Sky Gate 7th Floor Tatsumi 3-9-27, Koto-Ward, Tokyo 135-8527
Establishment: March 1, 2016
Representative Director: Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda

Marketing Management Department
TEL: 03-5657-1505  FAX: 03-5657-1506
E-mail address: info@a-cd.co.jp