Baby-Star Crispy Noodle Snack’s company, Oyatsu Company Ltd. will open a flagship shop in “ACD MALL”

Oyatsu Company, Ltd.(The head office: Tsu-city in Mie CEO: Fumio Teshima Oyatsu Company Ltd. Hereinafter, the company will be called “Oyatsu Company”) decided to open a flagship shop in February, 2019 at the transboundary EC platform which is “ACD MALL”. This is run by ACD Corp., (Head Office : Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”)

Through this initiative, we will start to sell products, mainly baby-star series and bread snack confectioneries to overseas consumers at the Oyatsu company’s flagship shop at B to C.

In addition, we will carry out information dissemination toward overseas as our policy with “Oyatsu town (an open schedule in July, 2019)”which is still under construction costing 3 billlion yen adjacent to Oyatsu Company Hisai factory. (Oyatsu town Ltd.: Tsu-city, in Mie CEO: Yoshiaki Matsuda)

Oyatsu Company and ACD are not only making efforts into transboundary EC but we are also expanding international promotions based on regional revitalization. This is in the hope that the additional finances gained from increased tourism in the Mie Prefecture can contribute to its revitalisation while also promoting sales of a local specialty.

【About Oyatsu Company, Ltd. 】
Company Name: Oyatsu Company, Ltd.
Established: 3rd September 1948
Head Office Address: 420 Tajiri, Ichishi-cho, Tsu-city, Mie, 515-2592, Japan
President & CEO: Fumio Teshima
Paid-in Capital: ¥100,000,000
Business Content: Production and sales of confectioneries and food

【About ACD Corp., Ltd.】
Trading name: ACD Corp,. Ltd. / ACD INC.https://www.a-cd.co.jp
Established:1st March 2016
Head office: Level 7, OCS Tokyo skygate, 27-9-3 Tatsumi, Koto ward, Tokyo 135-8527
Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda
Our services: Management of Border transgression EC website, Project Planning &
Development of the relevant system, Consulting and entrusted outsourcing for logistics systems

【Contact us】
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
Business Planning & Operations Division
Email: info@a-cd.co.jp
TEL: 03‐5657‐1505