Participate in “Seminar on Inbound & Border transgression EC of China” (Sponsor : Miyazaki Prefecture etc.)

ACD Corp., (Head Office : Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) participates in a seminar for Inbound and Border transgression EC of China 「Visit to Japan with the demand of a perspective for Inbound and online business in China」 which is going to be held on the 22nd of January, 2019 on Tuesday from 13:30 at Miyazaki prefectural Art museum. This seminar is organized by Miyazaki prefecture, Corp. Miyazaki bank, Corp. Miyazaki Taiyo bank and Mizuho bank. These banks and corporations promoted Miyazaki prefecture Chambers of Commerce and industries. The seminar is carried out with companies which work on regional revitalization and regional activation. The theme of this seminar is how to deal with Inbound customers from China and other Asian countries which are assumed to show an increase in growth and abundance in the future accomplishment of border transgression EC for China.

ANA Holdings INC. which is a stockholder of ACD also concluded a 「partnership agreement which is concerned with tourism promotion」with Miyazaki prefecture on the 20th of October, 2017. This partnership agreement aims to promote activities by cooperation which puts mutual resources to practical use effectively in order to promote tourism industries and stimulate the regional economy. ACD is also thinking of cooperating with Miyazaki prefecture in the field of border transgression EC linked with inbound measures in order to evoke industrial development in the Japanese region and we would like to contribute to tourism promotion.

During this opportunity to participate in this seminar, ACD is thinking of proactively introducing a local speciality to customers around the world including China, at the same time we would like you to feel familiar with our services and Miyazaki prefecture which is actively undertaking regional revitalization. We appreciate your understanding and support for our work.

【Reference: Press release for partnership agreement which is related with tourism promotion of Miyazaki prefecture・ Ink. ANA Holdings】

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