Announcement on ACD coin swap

As we have already informed you through news release, ACD coin will be changed into BCH platform. This change will enable customers to make use of Bitcoin.com wallet and advance its step for settling the payment at real shops.
As for the shops where customers can use Bitcoin.com wallet, we will inform you occasionally at specially arranged website. Please kindly continue to check the website.

As 3 kinds of tokens with the name of ACD exist, we will name them as follows:
・ACD coin: collective name including all 3 kinds of coins described below.
① Old ACD: ACD tokens sold through presale.
② New ACD:ACD tokens exchanged at the first swap.
③ ACD(BCH): ACD token for BCH platform which will be exchanged by the captioned swap.

In line with the change to BCH platform, the swap of ACD coins shall be implemented again. The procedure for swap is stipulated as follows:

1. Those who hold New ACD within Coinsuper.
It will be automatically exchanged within Coinsuper.
Starting from 12 pm on March 12, withdrawal and deposit of ACD coin cannot be executed within Coinsuper. In addition, New ACD cannot be transferred after completing swap within Coinsuper.
※If you transfer your New ACD coins to Coinsuper after completing swap, such transfer shall not be reflected on Wallet and we cannot deal with returning such coins. Please bear this issue in mind.
Please refer to the Coinsuper website in addition with regard to the detailed schedule.

2. Those who hold new ACD in MyEtherWallet.
Please arrange Wallet for BCH platform. We will transfer ACD(BCH) to the Wallet.

With regard to how to set up Wallet, please refer to the manual below.

Once you complete setting up the Wallet, please input your information by using the form below.

Please transfer New ACD which you hold to the following address. Once we confirm the return of New ACD, we will distribute ACD(BCH).

For those who still hold Old ACD, it is required to take another procedure. Therefore, please contact us through the following email.

We have to implement the swap again and it will cause inconvenience to coin holders. However, we believe that this is necessary update to improve our ACD coin for the future. Your kind understanding and support on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Cryptosquare CO., LTD
New Shinbashi Bldg. 704-B, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Announcement on finalizing drawings of the first TOB and informing soundings on the additional TOB.

We hereby officially inform that the drawings of TOB commenced since February 7 have been finalized.

As we have sent the emails to those who were selected by drawings, those who did not receive the email from us as of today were unfortunately not selected by drawings. Your kind understanding on this matter would be highly appreciated.

We hereby inform you that we have sounding on the additional TOB by ACG Corp. Taking the business synergy between ACG Corp. and us into consideration, we are considering to accept such additional TOB proactively.

In case if the additional TOB is carried out, we will inform you the details on conditions of TOB on this web site. Therefore, we would like to ask you to continue to look at this web page.

TOB Lottery Results are In.

We released the list of winners of TOB.
There are the 70 winners people, the tender offer of 1,924,346ACD will be carried out soon.

We will only Email successful candidates.

We have stopped accepting applications of TOB.

The applications of TOB expired last Sunday.

Application Details.
Total application : 171
Amount of ACD coin :25,363,265 (Target amount is 1,925,285 ACD)
magnification : 13.17

You will only receive an email if you have been successfully chosen for application of TOB with the following procedure.

We have determined to accept friendly TOB on ACD COIN

ACD Corp (head office: Koto Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda), which is invested by ANA Holdings ANA, leant from Korean corporate, ASIAN CONSULTING GROUP (head office: Seoul, Korea, Representative Director: Mr. Kim Tae Woo), with whom we are planning to have business tie-up as local marketing partner in Korea in the areas of EC and settlement for ANA CARGO DIRECT business, that it has intention to acquire coins of ACD COIN in bulk through TOB for the purpose of enhancing the cooperation and establishing further strengthened business tie-up in ANA CARGO DIRECT business and crypto currency settlement business which we intend to expand in Japan and Korea in an interactive manner down the road and we have agreed to accept such friendly TOB to work on EC business in Korea in a smooth manner and promote the introduction of ACD COIN in Korea.

We have already agreed with ASIAN CONSULTING GROUP to have business tie-up in promoting ANA CARGO DIRECT business in Korea and settling medical expenses at KOREA MEDICAL PARK, VIP medical treatment facility by ACD COIN and aim at expanding EC and settlement service business in Korea.

Those who wish to participate in TOB shall make entry through below URL.

The result of TOB will be informed only to those who are chosen in TOB through preliminarily registered emails.

<Detail on TOB>
◆Bidder company:ASIAN CONSULTING GROUP   http://consult.co.kr/
◆TOB price:0.00014 bit
◆Total number of shares for initial bid:1925285 coins
◆Drawing in case of over subscription

Establishment Date: February 9, 1984
Address:♯620. AcetechCity2cha.13gil-25, Sunyu-ro, Youngdeungpo-ku, Seoul, Korea.
Representative:Chairman KIM TAE WOO

Cryptosquare CO., LTD
New Shinbashi Bldg. 704-B, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com will make a joint announcement regarding ACD coin short term roadmap. Along with the announcement, Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver expressed that he will hold ACD coin in the future as payment and to provide full support. ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com also agreed to use ACD coin and Bitcoin Cash for various settlement between 2 companies.

ACD Inc. (funded by ANA Holdings) CEO Yasuhiro Sonoda and Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver has signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on January 19, 2019 regarding comprehensive strategy to increase ACD coin value issued by ACD Inc., upon switching ACD coin to Bitcoin Cash based platform.
This agreement aims on supporting ACD’s activity regarding ACD coin through development assistance and reinforce partnership between both companies before substantial business operation anticipating early completion of Bitcoin Cash based ACD coin development set forward by ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com.
ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com is announcing short term roadmap according to this agreement. Effective dates on each agenda and other details will be announced accordingly.
Also Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver has expressed to hold ACD coin in the future and provide full support. He also has decided to move on with future developments of ACD coin according to below roadmap.
Hereafter, ACD Inc. and Bitcoin.com will aim to improve convenience of ACD coin by spreading use of ACD coin and Bitcoin Cash.

Media Inquiries:

Kota Morimoto

Mickey Amami

Partnership with Lung Fung Pharmaceutical (Group) Ltd in usage of ACD Coin in Hong Kong

ACD INC. (Head Office: Koto Ward, Tokyo, Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda, Representative Director, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) has decided to form partnership with Lung Fung Pharmaceutical (Group) Ltd,(hereinafter referred to as “Lung Fung Group” ), one of the largest drug store chain operator in Hong Kong and agreed to offer service to enable its customers to use “ACD Coin”, crypto currency (utility coin) issued by ACD as a method of settlement at all of its drug stores as a part of trial to enhance user-friendliness of stores and improve the sales and commence such service in sequence from early 2019.

Lung Fung Group is engaged in business of distribution and retailing covering medical goods, health and health supplement foods, skin care and personal care products with 27 year business track record. Lung Fung Group is currently operating 18 drug stores in New Territory region and aims at expand proactively its business in Mainland China and Macau market in addition to Hong Kong.

Moreover, ACD Coin is crypto currency (utility coin) which has been developed to enhance the convenience of cross-bordering service especially for overseas holders of coins through tie-up with BCH (Bitcoin Cash) platform.

We plan to make use of ACD Coin to enhance synergy effect at a maximum in inbound business with worldwide off-line stores including drug store chains and plan to improve its convenience and utilization ratio hereafter.

Through such engagement described above, we would like to further enhance the tie-up with Lung Fung Group in the future and make an effort to encourage broad use of ACD Coin in Hong Kong and expand its use all over the world.

Marketing Management Department: Kota Morimoto

It was decided to exhibit “Ginza Sembikiya” at ACD MALL

ACD Corp., (Head Office : Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) concluded the exhibition contract on 17th of December, 2018 and this is toward the application of border transgression EC for China, called “ACD MALL” managed by ACD. ACD concluded the contract with Corp. Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya (The head office: Ginza, Chuo-ku in Tokyo CEO: Mitsuru Saito Corp. Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Hereinafter, will be called “Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya”) which is a subsidiary company of Corp. Ginza Sembikiya (The head office: Ginza, Chuo-ku in Tokyo CEO: Mitsuru Saito Corp. Ginza Sembikiya Hereinafter, will be called Ginza Sembikiya). Ginza Sembikiya is known as a shop that specializes in fruits.

By this alliance, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya began to sell products for the first time towards Chinese consumers via “ACD MALL” from 9th of January, 2019. Previously, Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya only expanded within Japan’s borders or EC internet resale. However, we aim to sell, promote and raise awareness of a brand via new touch point technology.
In future, ACD aims to make border transgression EC satisfactory. This is not only for China but it is also for border transgression EC service and we will expand around the world.

【About Ginza Sembikiya Corp,. Ltd.】
Company Name:Ginza Sembikiya Corp,. Ltd.
Established:Since 1894
Head Office Address:5-5-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
President & CEO:Mitsuru Saito
The concept of Business operation: In 1894, Corp. Sembikiya home office set Corp. Ginza Sembikiya set up business. In 1913, we opened a teahouse as our first business that sells fruit. This is the first store in Japan (according to Ginza Sembikiya’s research). Professional connoisseur carries out to sell food and fruit which is mainly locally sourced and some imported fruit at a shop that specializes in fruits.

【About Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Corp,. Ltd.】
Company Name:Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Corp,. Ltd.
Established: Since 2008
Head Office Address:5-5-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
President & CEO:Mitsuru Saito
The concept of Business operation: It is established as a subsidiary company of Corp. Ginza Sembikiya in 2008. We carry out to develop and sell original sweets which use fruit. The aim is to encourage people to find a familiarity with the fruit.

【Contact us】
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
Business Planning &Operations Division:Kota Morimoto