Baby-Star Crispy Noodle Snack’s company, Oyatsu Company Ltd. will open a flagship shop in “ACD MALL”

Oyatsu Company, Ltd.(The head office: Tsu-city in Mie CEO: Fumio Teshima Oyatsu Company Ltd. Hereinafter, the company will be called “Oyatsu Company”) decided to open a flagship shop in February, 2019 at the transboundary EC platform which is “ACD MALL”. This is run by ACD Corp., (Head Office : Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”)

Through this initiative, we will start to sell products, mainly baby-star series and bread snack confectioneries to overseas consumers at the Oyatsu company’s flagship shop at B to C.

In addition, we will carry out information dissemination toward overseas as our policy with “Oyatsu town (an open schedule in July, 2019)”which is still under construction costing 3 billlion yen adjacent to Oyatsu Company Hisai factory. (Oyatsu town Ltd.: Tsu-city, in Mie CEO: Yoshiaki Matsuda)

Oyatsu Company and ACD are not only making efforts into transboundary EC but we are also expanding international promotions based on regional revitalization. This is in the hope that the additional finances gained from increased tourism in the Mie Prefecture can contribute to its revitalisation while also promoting sales of a local specialty.

【About Oyatsu Company, Ltd. 】
Company Name: Oyatsu Company, Ltd.
Established: 3rd September 1948
Head Office Address: 420 Tajiri, Ichishi-cho, Tsu-city, Mie, 515-2592, Japan
President & CEO: Fumio Teshima
Paid-in Capital: ¥100,000,000
Business Content: Production and sales of confectioneries and food

【About ACD Corp., Ltd.】
Trading name: ACD Corp,. Ltd. / ACD INC.https://www.a-cd.co.jp
Established:1st March 2016
Head office: Level 7, OCS Tokyo skygate, 27-9-3 Tatsumi, Koto ward, Tokyo 135-8527
Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda
Our services: Management of Border transgression EC website, Project Planning &
Development of the relevant system, Consulting and entrusted outsourcing for logistics systems

【Contact us】
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
Business Planning & Operations Division
Email: info@a-cd.co.jp
TEL: 03‐5657‐1505

ACD Granted a Taiwanese Patent for “EKKYO.NET” for Border transgression EC on overseas markets

ACD Corp.,(Head Office:Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”)had been proceeded with International patent applications of “EKKYO.NET”(ASP service that support is to go through customs clearance smoothly that register sell the goods in advance: Patent No. 6047679) that granted patent in Japan, ACD acquired a patent for it in Republic of China (Taiwan) as well.(Grant date of a patent:11th December 2018/ ROC Patent No. 1644275) To enable them to optimize the process when manufactures and suppliers of patented the country run Border transgression EC on overseas markets.
ACD has been applied for an international patent applications of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand….etc,14 countries. These patents are being inspected in each countries. In addition, ACD has been preparing to apply to other countries for an international patent applications, where it will be filed with them in the order produced.

【About ACD Corp., Ltd.】
Trading name: ACD Corp,. Ltd./ACD INC. https://www.a-cd.co.jp
Established:1st March 2016
Head office : Level 7, OCS Tokyo skygate, 27-9-3 Tatsumi, Koto ward, Tokyo 135-8527
Representative director:Yasuhiro Sonoda
Our services: Management of Border transgression EC website, Project Planning & Development of the relevant system, Consulting and entrusted outsourcing for logistics systems

【Contact us】
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
Business Planning &Operations Division

Participate in “Seminar on Inbound & Border transgression EC of China” (Sponsor : Miyazaki Prefecture etc.)

ACD Corp., (Head Office : Koto ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) participates in a seminar for Inbound and Border transgression EC of China 「Visit to Japan with the demand of a perspective for Inbound and online business in China」 which is going to be held on the 22nd of January, 2019 on Tuesday from 13:30 at Miyazaki prefectural Art museum. This seminar is organized by Miyazaki prefecture, Corp. Miyazaki bank, Corp. Miyazaki Taiyo bank and Mizuho bank. These banks and corporations promoted Miyazaki prefecture Chambers of Commerce and industries. The seminar is carried out with companies which work on regional revitalization and regional activation. The theme of this seminar is how to deal with Inbound customers from China and other Asian countries which are assumed to show an increase in growth and abundance in the future accomplishment of border transgression EC for China.

ANA Holdings INC. which is a stockholder of ACD also concluded a 「partnership agreement which is concerned with tourism promotion」with Miyazaki prefecture on the 20th of October, 2017. This partnership agreement aims to promote activities by cooperation which puts mutual resources to practical use effectively in order to promote tourism industries and stimulate the regional economy. ACD is also thinking of cooperating with Miyazaki prefecture in the field of border transgression EC linked with inbound measures in order to evoke industrial development in the Japanese region and we would like to contribute to tourism promotion.

During this opportunity to participate in this seminar, ACD is thinking of proactively introducing a local speciality to customers around the world including China, at the same time we would like you to feel familiar with our services and Miyazaki prefecture which is actively undertaking regional revitalization. We appreciate your understanding and support for our work.

【Reference: Press release for partnership agreement which is related with tourism promotion of Miyazaki prefecture・ Ink. ANA Holdings】

【Contact us】
ACD Corp., Ltd.
Business Planning & Operations Division
Email: info@a-cd.co.jp

ACD INC. has concluded 5-year exclusive contract with Couture Digital Co. , operating smartphone application “COUTURE” enabling everyone to design and manufacture clothes in the area of cross-border-e-commerce international shipping.

ACD INC. (hereinafter referred to as “ACD”) has concluded 5-year exclusive contact with Couture Digital Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo Ward, Osaka City; Mr. Shuji Morita, Representative Director), which operates 3D CAD technology enabling everybody to design and manufacture clothes, in the field of B to C international shipping in all overseas areas excluding Japan.

“COUTURE” offered by Couture Digital Co. is smartphone application which enables users to place orders with their favorite design and size over made-in-Japan clothes in 3 dimensions with ease. Anticipating that the demand of “order-made apparel” in cross-border-e-commerce will increase, ACD believes to make further use of our know-how of cross-border-e-commerce platform C and international shipping infrastructure owned by ACD by concluding exclusive contract with Couture Digital Co. in the area of international shipping.

Through such effort and trail, we will provide the framework to enable overseas customers to place order with their favorite design and size on made-in-Japan clothes in 3 dimensions with ease by making used of technology of “COUTURE” and such clothes order by them shall be delivered to consumers all over the world through ACD’s ANA CARGO DIRECT.

【Profile of Couture Digital Co.,Ltd.】
Company Name: Couture Digital Co.,Ltd.
Location: Sankyo Sakaisuji Honmachi Bldg., 9th Floor, Bakuro-machi 1-8-2, Chuo-Ward, Osaka-City, Osaka Prefecture
Representative: Mr. Shuji Morita, Representative Director & CEO
・Development and sales computer-related software and hardware
・Design on clothes including computer graphics and its consulting
・Information processing service and information providing service
・Planning and advertising works relating to sales of clothing goods

【Profile of ACD INC.】
Head Office OCS Tokyo Sky Gate 7th Floor Tatsumi 3-9-27, Koto-Ward, Tokyo 135-8527
Establishment: March 1, 2016
Representative Director: Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda

Marketing Management Department
TEL: 03-5657-1505  FAX: 03-5657-1506
E-mail address: info@a-cd.co.jp

The announcement of develops settlement linkage function of ACD coin launch with [ANA CARGO DIRECT]

Border transgression EC platform [ANA CARGO DIRECT] has expanded (except in mainland China) as the core business of ACD and Corp. ACD started cooperative settlement developments in order to adequately utilise ACD coin as one of the main methods of payment.

ACD coin is cooperating with BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and by implementing BCH’s module of settlement, we could not only do online payment in [ANA CAGO DIRECT] platform but we could also manage to process cooperative settlement among many affiliating companies for the purpose of implementation toward inbound for offline stores.

We are considering to sequentially commence a sequential cooperative settlement from the begging of 2019. This can be considered to be a cheap, fast and reliable new payment method for both online and offline customers in order to create transaction on a global scale in the future.

Thus, our company has an advantage in this border transgression EC platform compared with our competitors by providing revolutionary method of payment.

[About ACD Corp., Ltd.]
Head office :
Level 7, OCS Tokyo skygate, 27-9-3 Tatsumi, Koto ward, Tokyo 135-8527
1st March 2016
Representative director:
Yasuhiro Sonoda

[Contact Us]
ACD Corp,. Ltd.
A person in charge of ICO Operations department: Morimoto
TEL: 03-5657-1505

Joint Press Release:ACD and Bitcoin.com have teamed up to launch payments with Bitcoin Cash

December 28th, 2018

Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver has announced a strategic partnership within the cryptocurrency space between his company and the Tokyo-based ACD Inc (funded by ANA Holdings).

Based on this alliance, ACD’s token will be launched on the Bitcoin Cash network as a BCH token. As early as spring 2019, ACD will provide consumers with various services on this Bitcoin Cash Platform, including the ability to purchase authentic Japanese goods through their online store.

After extensive research and testing ACD and Bitcoin.com jointly advocate Bitcoin Cash as the cryptocurrency that offers the most benefit to both consumers and businesses across the world due to its cheap, fast, and reliable payments. The partnership will begin with ACD accepting Bitcoin Cash payments from their customers. Many additional use cases will be announced in the coming months including details for the ACD token that will be based on Bitcoin Cash Platform.

Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda, CEO of ACD said, “After extensive research into different cryptocurrencies on the market, ACD chose to implement Bitcoin Cash as a new payment method. This will benefit our customers by offering fast, cheap and reliable world wide transactions for both online and offline payments.”

Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com said, “I’m honoured to be a part of this exciting partnership between ACD and Bitcoin Cash! World wide money is a natural fit for a world wide airline.”

Bitcoin Cash is a peer to peer electronic cash system that allows anyone to pay from anywhere in the world instantly, basically for free, and with no risk of chargebacks, payment denials or reversals. It is a natural fit for any global business like ACD, and their decision to adopt Bitcoin Cash payments sets them ahead of competitors by providing customers with an innovative new way to pay.

Media Inquiries:

Mr. Kota Morimoto


Mickey Amami



Notification of ACD Coin will be listed on the Coinsuper

A proprietary trading coin, ACD coin handles by ACD Co., Ltd (Koto Ward, Tokyo, President: Yasuhiro Sonoda) will start to deal in the coinsuper, the virtual currency exchange from 28th December 2018 at 4pm.
For details of coinsuper, please refer to the following link.


Introduction of Coinsuper
Coinsuper is a world leading digital asset exchange. We are a global elite team with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Apart from a very strong team, Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, offline capital management to ensure the security and stability of the platform. We also adopt google authenticator in customer login and fund/BTC withdrawal. All these are to ensure that our customers’ assets are well protected.

We treat Security, Compliance and Stability as our primary focus and are committed to providing customer-oriented, efficient, professional and secure trading services to our valuable customers.

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We opened new site for ACD COIN.