We have concluded strategic basic agreement with QFPay Japan.

ACD INC. and QFPay Japan have concluded a basic agreement to set up a strategic alliance in a broad range of business domain including alliance for introducing QR settlement and crypto-asset settlement and wallet global marketing targeting inbound tourist customers. Through such alliance by using settlement platform provided by QFPay Group, we shall be able to realize an alliance for settlement though cross-border e-commerce platform provided by ACD, offering new service and global expansion by making use of ACD Coins used in more than 3 million shops all over the world.
From now on, we expect to expand our business domain not only in Japan but also other countries in the world in addition to 13 counties in which QFPay has already had foothold including China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and offer services provided by both Groups all over the world.

October 12, 2019

ACD INC. (Representative Director: Mr. Yasuhiro Sonoda, hereinafter “ACD”; ANA Holdings has some stake) has concluded comprehensive and strategic basic agreement with QFPay Japan (Representative Director & CEO: Ms. Angie Li, hereinafter “QFPay”) in the following items including the business area of QR settlement and crypto-asset settlement (hereinafter “crypto settlement”)

(1) alliance on QR settlement platform (※illustration 1)
(2) alliance on crypto settlement platform (※illustration 1)
(3) alliance for developing crypto settlement with Alchemy
(4) alliance on global wallet marketing (※illustration 2)
(5) mutual usage of inbound contents data
(6) capital alliance among Groups in the future

QFPay was the company incorporated in China in 2012, in which SEQUOIA, one of the largest investment funds in the world invested and has established the position of gateway business operator as the global partner for Alipay and WeChatpay. Since then, QFPay has expanded its business domain in many paths in the world and currently is regarded as group company engaged in global settlement gateway for QR settlement (through digital currency and legal currency) and headquartered in Beijing with global top level settlement and system network linking ca. 40 wallets in 13 countries. QFPay is engaged in consolidating QR settlement wallets in one platform in various operating countries including China, supporting customers for their overseas expansion, establishing settlement system for local member shops in its operating countries, and finding new customers. Those contents of business by QFPays are highly evaluated in each country, such as it was selected as one of China fintech 50 by KPMG. Through the basic agreement this time, ACD shall have alliance with QFPay settlement platform merging QR settlement systems all around the world into one platform and commence incorporating it into our own service, cross-border e-commerce platform, and our customers. At the same time, the alliance with QFPay enables ACD to offer settlement service across the world to on-line and off-line shops not only in Japan but also in the world.

Moreover, in the area of crypto-asset, ACD will start development alliance with Alchemy, QFPay Group company, which provides crypto settlement platform and plan to commence introducing ACD Coins to be used in the world. Once we finalize such development alliance, the usage of ACD Coins shall be commenced in more than 3.2 million ships (more than 2 million shops in mainland China, more than 1.2 million shops in other operating countries) to which QFPay Group has already introduced its service.

In addition, ACD and QFPay plan to provide solution service to improve the business performance of member shops such as providing analysis service based on marketing data deriving from dedicated wallet App and POS and shared and making advertisement toward the member users of wallet in addition to offering original settlement service.

Through this basic agreement, we will work on creating further mutual business synergy with QFPay Group with a possibility of intending capital alliance.

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